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Baywater Greens is Quality

We are committed to providing locally grown quality hydroponic lettuce varieties to restaurants, markets, distributors and homes. Located in Salisbury, MD and servicing all parts of the Eastern Shore and beyond we are a 6th generation family owned and operated farm. We currently deliver to all points of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Washington DC.

We use state of the art harvesting techniques to ensure quality product to our customers. Our cold-chain process means that lettuce harvested is stored in our walk-in coolers, loaded onto our refrigerated truck and delivered to your walk-in cooler in a matter of hours from ordering.

You can find our quality lettuce in national grocery store chains, produce distributors, roadside stands and farmers markets. Contact us for distribution opportunities!

Hydroponic Advantages

  • A soil free environment allows less prep time and washing
  • Baywater Greens' controlled environment eliminates the use of pesticides and herbicides
  • Hydroponic harvesting keeps the tap root on the plant increasing freshness and life
  • Our hydroponic operation allows YEAR ROUND fresh harvest
  • A constant production and harvest allows next day delivery
  • Lettuce is grown perfectly and consistently allowing use of the entire plant

Our Year-Round Varieties

We offer a variety of herbs grown in our greenhouses and can also offer custom grown varieties.

  • Bibb Lettuce

    Our bibb has a slightly sweet, buttery flavor - dark green color and tender leaves. Great for salads and wraps.

  • Romaine Lettuce

    Our romaine has a mild flavor, great crunch and dark color. Perfect for salads or grilled, romaine is considered more nutritious and has more volume than iceberg.

  • Spring Mix

    This spring mix is custom made by BayWater Greens. We blend 5 varieties of lettuce to make one tender, colorful and flavorful bunch. This unique combination makes any meal amazing.


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Baywater Greens is committed to providing exceptional delivery practices to accompany our products. This ensures your product arrives to meet your needs any time you order. We offer ordering and delivery 7 days a week and can work with your daily schedule to help you run efficiently.